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Board Game Stats Sheet

Board Game Stats Sheet Considering I’m creating a board game, and plan to do more in the future, I thought it wise to have a look at some of the stats of other successful board games. This table is just some of my research, but I thought it would be interesting to share here. These numbers are taken from Amazon and Board Game Geek (BBG) and so can vary and play time can stretch or shrink. Name BGG Ranking Amazon Price No Players Play time Ages Talisman 1397 £46.08 2-6 90mins 13+ Wingspan 25 £52.99 1-5 40-70mins 10+ Ticket to Ride 157 £30.95 2-5 30-60mins 8+ Settlers of Catan 355 £37.33 2-4 60mins 10+ Monopoly 18476 £21.99 2-6 60mins 8+ Dune 834 £40.0