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Introducing my Kickstarter...Expansionist

More Time for Board Games?

How we manage our leisure time has definitely changed over the years. This I guess isn’t new news, so to speak. We are all aware of the Netflix phenomenon and boxsets and series binging. In fact, it feels like if you can’t have the whole series now, all at once, it causes a frustrated condition that I’m sure they’ll name at some point as a medical condition. I recently started watching Picard on Amazon and actually quite like only having one episode to look forward to a week. But at the same time it is nice to have all the episodes available especially for the Expanse! And even if we have only one episode to watch a week we can watch it when we want.

But there is so much choice how can you run out! I hear people saying yet I think another effect of having everything at your fingertips is we become fussier. I have little patience for a series that doesn’t grip me straight away, which I’m not sure how I feel about. This is another reason why we run out of things to watch, creating the af…