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Presenting Dark Force Incursion - A FREE Roll and Write One Player Game

It has been on my mind for a while now as the Corona-virus spreads across the world . What can I offer those who are at home and unable to partake in their usual gaming sessions because of isolation. How can a creative mind help alleviate the stress of boredom and worry? I have seen other roll and write games and thought that might be a great way of giving something to the community to these very ends. 
Looking at what I have previously worked on under the DR Games and the hex tile has been a feature. I decide that I would try and use this format, combine it with a number mechanism and inject it with a narrative. This became a scenario that fuel the fire of the story...and Dark Force Incursion was born.
"Your land has been invaded by a powerful Dark Force. The speed of the invasion was frightening, and they have taken all the defensive forts in your land. In desperation you have gathered your dwindling army and now must push out to recapture these forts to secure the safety of your people and drive."
Dark Force Incursion is a Roll and Write game that is for one person, taking 20 to 40 minutes to play. You will need the rule book, one of the DFI maps (5 are provided here), one six sided dice and a pencil. 
Mainly though, I hope you enjoy this game and that it brings some distraction from these crazy times.
Here are the files to download: 
Tolantus Region Map
Shalmista Region Map
Calosanti Map with darker hexes
Biliton Map with darker hexes

DFI is now also available from DriveThruRPG here:
ALSO (and it would be awesome) if you want to submit your complete game DFI maps then email them to and I'll try and feature them here at the website. Thanks


  1. Thanks so much! I came from instagram ;)

  2. You can see a play through here:

  3. Your game look awesome! I can't wait to play it but when i printed out the rules and maps, the hexes doesn't appear on the paper as it seems they're too pale. Is there a way i can fix this ?

    1. Thanks! Also great feedback. I have uploaded here two of the maps with darker hexes for you so that should help. Let me know how it goes and if you are on Board Game Geek posting them on the Dark Force Incursion page here: would be cool! Thanks again...Toby

    2. Yes it's much better now. Are you able to do the same with rest including the rules please ? I will try it and keep you posted. Thanks a lot Toby

    3. I'll echo the suggestions and request of Francis about uploading darker images of all of the available maps. It would be much appreciated. They are far superior to the originals. I thought I could compensate for the light printing of the original by photocopying it using my copier's darkest setting, but the hexes disappeared entirely! The outlines are so faint that the copier couldn't even pick them up on the darkest setting. But regardless, I wanted to thank you for making these files available as a PnP. I
      hope to try out the game this coming weekend.

    4. Thanks for the comment Steve. For sure, these maps are now produced in a new template that will be released soon and is part of the successfully funded DFI Expansions Kickstarter. The comments I've had about the lightness of the grids has been taken into account and you will see soon that it makes the maps much better. I'll keep you posted here. Thanks again, Toby

  4. Bit late to the party but just discovered this due to the rad zone KS played the first map twice today already. Really enjoyable game needed the instructions for my first go but the second time was much easier without having to refer to the rules sheet.


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