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What is the War Within Roleplay Game? Let’s take a closer look

The players take control of a country. To help manage their lands they each have a country record sheet. They have Trusted Aides who they can send on missions to cement success. They are given or select a government type, and this exerts an influence over their decisions. If the players act in a way that seems opposed to the government type or questionable to the population then the people may rise up. In this way players receive Instability Points. Ten of these and the government falls to revolution and the player is deposed. But they can return to power and with the help of their Trusted Spies can influence and sway the population’s opinion of their new leader. This war within government is pitched in an open world where the players are compelled to respond to incidents and breaking news. The world is unstable, caught in the grip of a cold war, with no obvious power managing uncertain times where peace is a tenuous proposition. The Games Master manages the world and the Non-pla

How War Within RPG Evolved

War Within our new roleplaying game is coming to Kickstarter next week and we have the notify me page here if you are interested in being alerted when it goes live: Firstly, What is War Within RPG? War Within RPG is a roleplaying game set in a tense Cold War arena. It is not weighed down by complex rules and is designed so that you do not need to constantly refer to the rulebook. It is a game that involves reactive improvisation and feeds on imagination. War Within RPG is based in the 1980s in an alternate reality, thirty years after a great war. A cold war now simmers, though, and the race is on to secure your country’s future; to either be the single controlling power in the world or to strive for world peace. Each player takes on the role of a country’s leader alongside a team of Trusted Aides, making decisions on behalf of their people. The Games Master (GM) controls the