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Updates and News - Trade Nation

The first proof copies of Trade Nation have arrived. It was exciting to open the box and see our first printed product. Although not our first game it is our first physical product, Dark Force Incursion, our solo game that was successfully Kickstarted earlier in the year, was a PDF product. Holding the freshly printed box was a very satisfying moment for a game we have a lot of faith in. It was something I will never forget.

Trade Nation is a family game much in the mold of UNO or MONOPLOY DEAL and is designed with universal appeal. It has straightforward mechanics and a bold colourful appearance. The players compete to sell stock at the highest prices. The person with the highest score wins. It can be learned in five minutes and the 120 cards are stored in a rigid box which is portable and durable.

Here is a shot of the new delivery showing a completed game.

The next stage is to send it out to reviewers. This takes time. Close on the heals of this stage is setting up the Kickstarter page which will be available to follow soon. I will be sending out links for that familiar “notify me when launches” button. We love playing Trade Nation and want to share this with everybody.

Other News

The Bones of KalKratha, the roleplaying product we are working on at the moment, is nearly finished. It should be out within the next couple of weeks. We have extended and grown the project since it was funded by 131 people and have a more complete module that hopefully will best people’s expectations.  It is the first of many modules for Dungeons and Dragons 5e that our Dark Realm Roleplay will be producing over the coming years.

The previously talked about Drop Pods, the tabletop game, has been put back to be released next year. Play testing and further rewrites has shown that we have something bigger our hands here and so we want to give it the space and time it deserves. Therefore, Trade Nation has become more of a priority and been moved up a place in the ‘to do’ list. This only means that more time will be spent on Drop Pods therefore making it even better. We want to make sure we get it right so are not making any rash decisions.

Thanks everybody for your support and we will be pushing out another blog post soon.

Toby from the Dark Realm


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