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Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Our current project 10 Dungeon Escape Room Battle Mats has been one built on a ‘heritage of branding’. What I mean by this is the type of product itself is something our Creative Director Toby Lancaster is known for, which is map making. Dark Realm Maps is a social media facing identity that is a massive part of what DR Games is about and although the product does not actually appear on our DR Games Kickstarter channel it does on our sister Kickstarter account Dark Realm Roleplay. We have previous discussed the two Kickstarter channels and the reasons for their separate existence.

In this blog post we are going to discuss why it is successful.

By the way if you are interested in seeing the project then you can find it here:

In fact, there is still time to back it as we hit 12 hours to go (if you are reading this when it is published that is although you can still follow the project and the account even if it is finished as we will carry on posting updates)

We feel there are a number of key factors as to why 10 Dungeon Escape Rooms has been successful. Here they are in no particular order.

1) We obviously had a follower base through Dark Realm Maps. Toby has thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram and this obviously boosted the signal and proved pedigree of product. But this was not necessarily THE deciding factor.

2) We used ‘RPG’ in the title of the product. Why would this be helpful? Well, there are loads of awesome role-players out there who are hungry for RPG content and they use the search box on Kickstarter to find them and if you have it in the header for your product there is a great chance yours will appear on the search list. Advanced discovery in on our referrers data provided over 10% of our funding.

3) We had already run a successful Kickstarter through the Dark Realm Roleplay account. The Bones of KalKratha went very well earlier in the year and as a consequence some of those backers came onboard. Starting with a low cost, low goal Kickstarter in the first place is a great way to create a following. More on that in another post.

10 Dungeon Escape Room Battle Mats
4) We had some peer to peer promotion. Toby has a number of connections in the RPG community and was able to swap promotional postings with other live Kickstarter projects, which were already successful. This helped boost the numbers and increase visibility.

5) We did not have the product too highly priced and offered a digital version as well as a print copy.

There are other elements involved naturally but we feel these are some of the key aspects and so hope you found this useful. If you have any questions, then please add them in down below.

Thanks again

The DR Games Team




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