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The Bones of KalKratha

We have just recently launched a new projected on Kickstarter called The Bones of KalKratha. This is our first Roleplay Kickstarter. I’m going to talk about how this fits into our business model that so far evolves around making our own games.

I have always taken a great interest in Dungeon and Dragons. I played it from the age of ten although admittedly I took a long break while I traveled and my children were young. Through Dark Realm Maps, the forerunner to the company, I created maps for fantasy games and became embroiled in these fantasy worlds and it was not long before I started writing as well. Some of these went up on DMsguild and I realised a larger product was on the cards. So, I combined the maps and the writing to create my first roleplay based Kickstarter under my Dark Realm Roleplay banner a sister to Dark Realm Maps and DR Games.

This is basically an expansion of the company model. The way we see things moving forward is to have some clear division between the branding. There are three distinct areas in the Dark Realm 

Dark Realm Group:

Dark Realm Maps - Map Packs
Dark Realm Roleplay – Roleplay Adventures          
DR Games – Game Products

We really did not want to mix up the branding as the names are quite specific. So, for example the Bones of KalKratha is a Roleplay adventure and I did not want people to think this was our own game. Instead it uses Dungeon and Dragons fifth edition rules and is an adventure set in that extremely specific world.

The Dark Realm group is expanding. I realistically want to make this my full-time business and to do this I am creating a model that involves a range of products and some of these will be a series of Roleplay Books. I do a lot of commissions as well, which is great and work full-time as an art teacher which I want to move away from. I also have a great Patreon Page that supports this expansion.

Part of the strategy is to work with Kickstarter. As you are probably aware, we recently had Dark Force Incursion the solo, print and play, roll and write game successfully funded and this showed us the power of the platform. We have a number of other games in the pipeline and each one has been carefully planned for a staggered release. Yes, so that is maps, modules, and games. It seems a lot, but we mean business and you guys are the foundation to this. We really appreciate your support!
So, what is The Bones of KalKratha. It is an adventure broken into four chapters. The main adventure is sold through the Kickstarter campaign. I won’t waffle on about it too much as you can read about it at the Kickstarter page here: (It has already hit its target so backers will definitely receive the Adventure)

If you have any questions, then please let me know here.
Toby from the Dark Realm


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